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Wholesome Pastures

Wholesome Pastures is a local farm focused on sustainability and land regeneration. Carbon sequestering practices are used with intensive grazing management of grass fed and finished beef and lamb along with raising pastured eggs, chicken and duck. All of these animals are processed locally (within 15km of the farm they were born onto) ensuring limited emissions for every package of meat sold. 

Striving for zero-waste, Wholesome Pastures honours and utilizes their animals from nose to tail allowing you to find the most nutrient dense foods, offal, stock bones and more. What sets this farm apart is their mission to further use animal parts that are often discarded by others, to create plush, washable and baby friendly sheepskins, natural and clean skin care including body whip, lip balm and artisan hand crafted soaps. 

But what about your pup? Don't worry, the all natural single ingredient chicken and duck treats are sure to thrill your furry friends. 

Supporting a local farm that you can be proud of, knowing your money is going back into the soil to create a healthier and more naturally diverse ecosystem is something to feel good about. 

In the past 3 years Mike and Lindsay have planted over 1,000 trees and, for nearly 8 years, have been farming using no-tillage and utilizing cover crops so there is never a chance for bare soil (which means less erosion!) so = a lot of habitat for wildlife = a lot of life working in harmony on the farm, above and below the ground. 

You can find all of these amazing products and more on or by contacting owners, Michael and Lindsay Groot. 



69709 Parr Line,

Crediton, Ontario N0M 1M0



Business Contact:

Lindsay Groot


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